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Wifi Router Rental Campaign

H.I.S. is proud to announce...

★Customer who rent 7GB WIFI for more than 10 days will get one or more device free of charge.

★This campaign lets you bring the total of 14GB!

★This campaign is only held during JULY.

★Rental Period is for 1 July~31 September

Promotion Period 1 July 2017~31 July 2017
Rental Period July 1 ~ September 31st
What is included (x2)Wifi Router, Charger for Router
Received at Mail to a hotel
Price (per day) $6
Insurance Not Included

Applicable Condition
★The rental must be 10 days or longer.
★Campaign rental period is from July 1 to September 31 (first day of rental must be before 30th of September).

★IMPORTANT: Lost, damaged, and delayed return penalty applies on 2 devices★
★2 devices cannot be mailed separately to different accommodation.

★We will send 2 devices together to one designated accommodation
★When you are willing to rent, please inform us the rental dates, number of devices, hotel name for delivery (we cannot deliver to Air BnB accomodation), check in date to the hotel.
★For the name, please input EXACTLY the same name as the hotel reservation is made. Otherwise, the hotel cannot accept the WIFI package.
★The maximum Data usage per device is 7GB.
★After you use up 7GB, the speed of the wireless internet becomes much slower.
★Even so, please note that we will be unable to exchange it to another device.
★Lost or damage of WIFI device: We will charge you CAD 380 as penalty.
★Lost or damage of COMPONENT (e.g. Case, charger, cable): We will charge you CAD 11.03 /component as penalty.
Penalty of CAD 4.41 x number of delayed days in return will be charged.

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