Tems & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Client is responsible for obtaining, preparing and finalizing: flight ticket details, remaining dates until the passport expiration, Visa, re-entering permission, other identifications, and embarkation/disembarkation card.
  • Japanese Visas (with a Canadian Passport)
    Entry permits for tourists are for a maximum stay of 90 days. Overstaying an entry permit or any other type of Japanese visa is a criminal offence. If you overstay your visa you will be subject to deportation and may be barred from re-entry to Japan. http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/short/novisa.html
  • Depending on your destination (area/city), information including warnings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada. Please refer to the website about safety information overseas (http://www.voyage.gc.ca/index-eng.asp) for details.
  • Please make sure your passport is valid for at least six months in addition to your duration of your stay. Transit or tourist visa may be required. Please check with the consult the country you are visiting.

  • Please make sure the spelling of your name is exactly the same as your passport. All prices are subject to change without notice until the ticket is issued.
  • Prior to departure the the original travel cost may be altered due to unforeseen change in airfare, lodging expenses, other costs made by carriers/hotels, fluctuations in exchange rates, and/or other developments.

  • Travel fares include airfares, lodging expenses, other costs/expenses paid by the Company in arranging the Travel Service with carriers/hotels/other service providers, and the Company-prescribed fees (excluding charges for changes and cancellations).
  • Flight fare includes: Total fare including weekday/weekend fees, within Japan or overseas add-on fee, drop-off fee, additional charges due to exceeded travel miles, additional transportation charges(fuel surcharge and etc.), airport tax (airport service tax), and airline insurance charges. Additional transportation, airport tax, and airline insurance fee will be charged separately from the flight fee.
  • Full payment is due by the date stated in the invoice. The dues dates vary according to the ticket regulation. Early payment may be required during peak season due to high demand.
  • We accept cash, credit card, debit card, bank transfers, money order, and direct deposit. Payment by credit card requires a signature before the payment can be processed. For direct deposit and bank transfers banks may charge additional fees for the service.(Please make sure with the bank employee that the intended amount would get transferred.)

  • If the content of the Travel Contract is modified at the client’s request, the client is responsible for paying any cancellation charges, penalties, or other expenses that may arise due to changes in the original arrangements with the carriers and hotels.
  • In addition to the costs and expenses required for the said changes, the client is required to pay the Company-prescribed alteration fees as compensation for making addtitional arrangements.
  • Voluntary cancellation by the client by paying the costs described below, the client may cancel all or parts of the Travel Contract. However, the client is required to notify the Company’s sales office during its business hours, and get the changes approved. (Cancellation charges may vary depending on the day that the Company is notified of the cancellation; therefore the client is advised to confirm the said sales office’s business hours, and the staff that is in charge of the booking.)
  • Change/Cancellation fees, and handling fees vary depending on the requested travel service (such as the flight ticket type). Please refer to the corresponding document for details.

  • The Company is not liable, and is indemnified from paying reimbursements for losses/damages caused by the reasons listed below. .
  • If the client incurs losses as a result of natural disaster, war, insurgency, halting of travel services by carriers, hotels, or other service providers, orders by government agencies, or any other reason beyond the control of the Company or one of its Agents (listed below).
  • If the departing flight is suspended or the travel itinerary is modified due to natural disaster, war, insurgency, delay in the flight schedule, strike, and other reasons beyond the Company's control.
  • If the client’s seat reservation is canceled or boarding is not allowed due to overbooking by the airline.
  • If the client fails to reconfirm the seat reservation 72 hours prior to boarding, the said reservation is canceled, voiding the air ticket.
  • If the client arrives later than the appointed meeting or check-in time and fails to either check-in or board the flight after check-in
  • If the client loses his/her air ticket or it is stolen.
  • If the valid period of the passport/visas or its inadequacy leads to the failure of boarding and embarkation/disembarkation in Japan as well as other destination's emigration laws.
  • If the client is denied boarding as a result of the client's name on the passport not matching the name on the flight ticket.
  • If the client fails to board the airplane by missing the boarding time, and the reservation becomes cancelled, and the flight tickets become invalid.

  • Mileage service
    Any information about mileage services and registration must be communicated with the clients` mileage membership provider. We will not be held responsible for anything related with mileage service.
  • Free luggage allowance by carriers
  • The weight of the free luggage allowance vary depending on the carriers and destinations. Also an additional fee will be necessary if the weight of the luggage exceeds the limit. Please check the details directly with the airline.
  • Names of the clients
    The client's name must be entered exactly as it is in the passport. If there are any change in the spelling of the name, age or sex, it will be handeled as a cancellation, rather than a change in reservation. And the client will be charged for the cancellation.
  • Boarding on time
    The client must make sure that they allow ample time for the boarding process. Boarding time may change without any prior notice, so boarding and departure time must be checked with the airline before departure.

  • Travel Insurance is strongly recommended.? Insurance claims must be directed to the insurance company.