Privacy Policy

H.I.S. Personal Information Security Policy

The company has created internal regulations pursuant to the privacy and personal information protection laws and regulations in the United States, as well as the personal information protection laws within Japan, and shall manage such information accordingly.

In order to carefully protect its customers’ personal information, the company has established an Information Security Policy, and conducts regular employee training and audits with respect to the protection of personal information.

The company shall appoint a security manager for each department that manages personal information of its customers, and such managers shall perform in compliance with our Information Security Policy.

In addition, in the event that personal information is obtained, the purpose of its use shall be made clear, and it shall only be used within the scope of said purpose.

The information the company requests from its customers are primarily personal information required to render the services provided by the company, such as the customer’s name, email address, telephone number, and mailing address. In addition, although there may be cases where the company asks other questions for the purposes of providing services desired by customers, etc., with the exception of the minimum items required, such information shall be provided at the discretion of the customer.

As a general rule we would not reveal the customer’s personal information to a third party, and exceptions to the general rule are listed below.
1) When the customer agrees to the information release
2) When the law requires the release of personal information
3) Usage such as compiling statistics, where recognition of an individual is impossible
4) Necessary information release to companies with information security contracts with us in order to purchase products and provide certain service.
※For example, cases such as where the company notifies an airline of a customer’s name, emergency contact information and so on in order to provide proper service.

When a customer wishes to inquire/correct their own information, they would need to prove that they are the said customer, and after a reasonable amount of time we would notify the customer of the outcome.

Through internal audits, and reviews by our representatives, we will continuously improve our compliance program in order to keep it in the best state possible.
※In case the privacy policy in Canada or Japan are revised, we will revise our privacy policy as well.