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A Highly-Accurate Cancer Test Done At the Tip of Your Finger

The Time to Take Good Care of Your Health Has Come
Wellness for everybody
As it is H.I.S. vision to achieve harmony through “TRAVEL”, we would like to introduce a service that looks after everyone’s valuable health.
The 4 Merits

No needle is involved; a simple and reassuring blood test.
This is perfect for people who are not fans of needles.
It only takes a minute
to do the blood test!

“Even if I want to do a health checkup, I don’t have the time…”
“I can’t go to the clinic during its operation hours…”
To those who make excuses like that…
No more excuses!
As highly accurate as tests done at the hospitals’
“Even if it is a simple test, I want a legitimate result.”
This is the ideal test for you.
Checking results through Smartphones

In order to detect and prevent any potential illness, as well as treating the illness at the early stage, it is recommended to get a checkup regularly.
Types of Test and Fees

Cancer Test for Men
18,000yen(Tax not included)
Prostates, Bowel, Stomach
Pancreas, Bile Duct, Gallbladder, etc.
4 Types of Tumor Marker
Cancer Test for Women
18,000yen(Tax not included)
Breast, Ovary, Cervical,
Endometriosis, Fibroid, Stomach,
Pancreas, Bile Duct, Gallbladder, etc.
4 Types of Tumor Marker
Lifestyle-related Disease Test
8,000yen(Tax not included)
Neutral Fat, Arterial Sclerosis, Good and Bad Cholesterol, Hepatic Function,
Kidney Function, Gout, Diabetes, etc.
Total Protein (TP), Albumen (ALB), AST, ALT, Γ-GTP, Neutral Fat (TG), Total Cholesterol (TC), HDL (HDL-C), LDL (LDL-C), Uric Acid (UA), Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine (CRE), HbA1c (NGSP)
Hepatitis B & C Tests
8,000yen(Tax not included)
Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C
HBs Antigen, HCV Antibody
This Test Is For…

People who have a family history of cancer People who have irregular lifestyle
Young people who are at the prime of their lives People who are constantly busy
Ladies   People who do not have a well-covered health plan or are self-employed
People who think they are doing fine  
Blood Collection in 4 Steps!


Sterilize your finger and put on a specialized tape.


Puncture your finger with a specialized tool.


Draw the blood with the blood collecting device.


Put the blood sample into an encapsulated container and shake well.


Blood Collection Location
Ginza Blood Inspection Laboratory
7 Chome-8-8 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan 104-0061
isg Building (formerly known as CSS Building) 6FF

A 5-min walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station Exit A2
A 5-min walk from Tokyo Metro Shimbashi Station Exit 1
Operation Hours: 11:00〜19:00
(Closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, the end and the beginning of the year)
Test Location
MBS Co. Ltd. MBS Laboratory
As a joint research effort with Tokyo Medical and Dental University, MBS Co. Ltd. established MBS Laboratory, which is officially recognized as a clinical examination center in October 2016. Putting micro-inspection technology into practical use, MBS Laboratory serves as a specialized micro-blood-examination center. While employing this advanced micro-inspection technology and ICT technology, MBS Laboratory is able to provide new services that help customers to manage their health accordingly based on the highly reliable test results.
Check your results with an app!

You can check your results with a special Smartphone app.
Use Lifee to Check Results

Daily Health Management through Regular Checkups
With Lifee, you can check your latest test results as well as previous examinations’ graphs. Using the past data as a comparison, you can track and manage your health more conveniently.

Test results take at least 2 business days to be uploaded onto the special Smartphone app.
NOTE: Test results will be released 2 days later, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Civic Holidays.

You may also request to e-mail a soft copy or mail a hard copy of your test results to yourself.
NOTE: There will be an additional charge for mailing.

You may download the app “Lifee” through Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
NOTE: Please select and install the specific version of “Lifee” if you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android.


Q Does the needle hurt?
A Everyone has a different level tolerance to pain; it is like being poked lightly by a thread needle.
Q Is it possible to collect blood from somewhere else besides the finger tips?
A In order to guarantee an accurate test result, we only draw blood from the finger tips.
Q Will it affect my intake of meals after the test?
A The tests will not affect the intake of meals of those who take the “Cancer Test for Men”, “Cancer Test for Women” and “Hepatitis B & C Tests”. However, for those who take the “Lifestyle-related Disease Test”, we recommend doing the test three hours after a meal or before having breakfast.
Q Can the test really tell me that I have cancer?
A The test results can only provide hints to potential illnesses. However, it cannot act as a diagnosis of diseases for certain.
Q Can I collect a blood sample at home?
A Blood collection must be performed only at the Ginza Blood Inspection Laboratory.
Q When can I find out the test result?
A Two days after you took the test, you may check your results on the app Lifee. In the case of mailing, it will take about one week.

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